Our Sweet Pastel plates are perfect for little ones who are starting to feed themselves.

Have the confidence that you can give your baby an assortment of food to explore different tastes and textures. Using the dividers the food won’t touch so your baby can be happy exploring.

If you are looking for a durable, functional, and sustainable option to start your solids journey, look no further than our silicone divider plates. As part of our second sale, this allows you to experience quality food-grade silicone at a very affordable cost.


If you saw our stories on Instagram you will have seen we had some plates get damaged during transit from our supplier.  What do we mean by damage? You can expect your plate may be slightly irregular in its appearance, (not a perfect circle), the divider could have a slight bend or may have some tiny marks/scratches. The plates do have a suction bottom but we cannot guarantee this as some bending has occurred. These plates are heavily discounted to accommodate – grab a bargain!

Note – all photos feature examples of our Seconds plates. Slight bends and perfectly imperfect circles. You might not even notice the infections but we do.